National Model Competition


Everyone has a story.


We want to tell yours.

We’re looking for people like you. Someone who makes their own rules. Who doesn’t follow the crowd. Creative. Confident. Independent. Original.

Undiscovered. Who are you?


This is NOT a popularity contest nor is it a beauty contest! It is soo the opposite! Authentic, real, outgoing, silly, whoever YOU are. That’s who we’re after! YOUR story, told by YOU! (with the help of nationally recognized photographers).

The Seniors Ignite National Model Competition is an unparalleled opportunity for you to stand out and show your authenticity.

Don’t settle for ordinary – this is an experience that’s both aspirational and remarkable.


The National Winning Models will be photographed on location in January 2018 prior to the Seniors Ignite Shootout by the Lead SEEN Magazine Photographers. They will also model for and be photographed by some of the leading senior photographers all over the U.S. at the Seniors Ignite Shootout.

Winning models will be fully styled for all shoots; Seniors Ignite will provide all hair and makeup, as well as a minimum of two fully styled outfits for each model to wear. They will work with each winning model to create and style the rest of their wardrobe.   Models will also receive walking and posing instruction prior to the shoots.

Winning models’ stories and image editorials will be published in the national SEEN Magazine and online. They will also model for an exclusive Fashion Campaign for SEEN Magazine.

Winning models will receive all images from the Lead SEEN Photographers as well as the Shootout Photographers for their personal use. They will also receive a complimentary digital copy of the issue of SEEN Magazine they are featured in.

SEEN Magazine offers these unique individuals a platform to share their vision and their story with a broader audience that is completely outside of the photography industry. The style + culture magazine features up-and-coming artists, creatives, musicians, dancers, actors, models, philanthropists, dreamers, photographers and much more as it focuses on the stories of a new generation of the Undiscovered.

Follow me for the latest details about the National Model Competition! 

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Julie-G-Photography-National-Model-Competition 2